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Farm Companies

Space designed and animated by Mamajah, in collaboration with:
The Association "Cité des Métiers et de la Formation" and the curator of the Exhibition, Steeves Emmenegger, along with Elsa Monteiro and Sabrina Gombaud, whom we all thank very warmly for this creative mandate faithfully assigned since 2008.
Likewise, we would like to thank Palexpo for the logistical support and Madame Marina de Denogent of Denogent SA for the regular availability of their magnificent bamboo planters, which are so precious to bring more life to our ephemeral installation.

Thank you to the whole team: from NATURE Structures for the eco-construction and assembly, to the Artists of Mamajah, co-animators of the Espace Village, Arnaud and Pamela for the giant participatory fresco, The Hula Hoop by Lynn, the Amazing interviews of the Bestioles, Les Polenta Bikes de, as well as the all-terrain coordination and reception team: Jaky, Feel, Cyril, Sarah, Raji, Baula, Lily, Patrizia, Socorro,... A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL AND ALL

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Your events and celebrations eco-responsible in the heart of the Loëx peninsula 

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